I've never been a big essential oil user and never quite understood the hype but was constantly hearing of people living by them regularly and incorporating them into their lives in many different ways.   I decided to give them a try with some pure high quality oils for myself and my family.  This transition happened for us shortly after Q was diagnosed with asthma a few months back.  I received a lot of feedback from my followers and co-workers regarding the use of essential oils to manage asthma and was very curious about this natural approach.

With lots of education and knowledge shared by experts and people who have seen significant improvements in their health with the use of them, we started incorporating them into our life.  We haven't taken the full pledge of diffusing and rolling every day, but we're down that path. 

When I learned one of my favorite InstaMama's had created essental oil rollers for both Mama and Baby I had to have them.  Natalie Schwartz of The Modern Mamahood is one of the people that I've learned quite a bit from when it comes to essential oils and how and when to use them.  

Not only does she use the purest form of oils, they come in the most modern and hip packaging with her own twist on the names!




Let's face it, Mama's don't get sick days!  This roller is the perfect blend to boost immunity for us mama's.  From playground germs to those seasonal colds and flus, Momunity helps you fight those pests like a BOSS!  The oils included in this blend are Orange Peel, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus Leaf, Rosemary Leaf and Frankincense.  I apply this to the bottoms of my feet every night or when heading out for the day.  Cover with socks and you're set!





Well Baby

This is one I've started using religiously on Q, especially with him being so prone to getting colds/flu because of his asthma.  This little immune enhancer is crafted just for the little one's immune systems.  Similar to Momunity in regard to helping fight germs and sickness, this pure therapeutic blend is made up with the same ingredients however is heavily diluted for babies sensitive skin and little immune system.  It should be used for babies 1+ and I roll it on the bottoms of Q's feet every night before bed and once in the morning before we head out for our activities. 



Sane Mama.jpg

Sane Mama

Sometimes it's tough to wait till 5pm to crack open that bottle of wine right?  This blend is designed to bring balance, serenity, & happiness and let me tell you that the name of the roller speaks for itself.  The days I feel I'm going to fall apart and just quit, this roller has helped me stay calm and balanced.  It's not something you apply once and you have a fix.  These rollers are meant to be used as routinely as possible to help get your body and system use to the oils.  The ingridents included in Sane Mama are Osmanthus Flower Extract, Spruce Leaf Oil, Ho Wood Leaf Oil, Blue Tansy Flower Oil, Frankincense Oil, Blue Chamomile Flower Oil and Orange Peel.


If you're looking at learning more about essential oils, and follow a fellow InstaMama, check out Natalie's site at themodernmamahood.com.