Have you ever listened to something and instantly felt chills and butterflies?  This is exactly the feeling I got when I heard the sounds of my beautiful friend Jess Schellenberg's new EP "Grow Your Heart."  Jess is the owner and creative mind behind Chorus & Clouds and she just released her new album that she's been working on for a number of years.  The wait was long to finally hear the magic, but boy was it worth it.  The music and songs are perfection and what I like best is that it's an indie folk genre, which is unique for children's music.  I listen to it even when Q is not around, so it's really made for the love of everyone!

The album celebrates the joy and spirit of childhood- or of having a little one in your life.   The EP has a total of 6 songs, three classics and three original Jess Schellenberg songs.  My favorite is her rendition of Bob Marley's Three Little Birds and her original Grow Your Heart.  The lyrics speak to family, togetherness, and empathy, which in my mind is exactly what our future generation needs.

We've found ourselves listening to the tunes on a drive in the car, while baking or cooking at home and a major hit has been when Q is going down for his nap.  Jess' voice and the musical sounds have such a warm, calm, joyous energy, you can't help but smile.

This is definitely going to be a staple in our household for years to come and I can only hope that Jess continues her journey to create more music for us all to hear.

"I made this album with the goal of telling stories of parenthood, celebrating childhood and the magic that is all around us. We need to celebrate these things so much more than we do. Hopefully this album serves to do just that. I'm really thankful to have collaborated with so many like minded people on this amazing project.  Working with friends who have children and are amazing writers has allowed me to create music that is impactful and full of love.  " -Jess Schellenberg

You can purchase the album on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play or buy a CD at Chorus & Clouds.

Happy Listening!




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Check out some beautiful photos taken by Erin Wild from the album release party held last weekend at Stretch Vancouver.

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