I was introduced to Chorus and Clouds by a fellow mama who I attended a music class with at the Mount Pleasant Community Center.  Her exact words, "you've never heard of Chorus and Clouds....you have to come to today's 'Meet Ups' and check it out!"  So I went, and it's safe to say I was hooked!

This angelic space is creative, bright, musical and a mama and baby's dream!  The owner, Jess, was welcoming before I could even step foot into the room.  She came out to show me where and how to park my stroller for the easiest access and took time to get to know me and Qaayam on a personal level.  She took the time to explain what the purpose of the space is and it was so nice to see her welcoming each mama and child as they walked in.  

Initially I started going to Meet Up's every Tuesday, which brings together a great community of moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and their children.  Each week a new professional speaker comes to discuss the topic of the week.  Topics range from nutrition, sleep, art therapy, and much more.  The best part is Jess is active on Instagram (@chorusandlcouds), so you usually know a few days in advance what the topic will be for the week.  Meet Up's also usually include a few baked goods for the mamas and the beautiful sounds of Jess' voice as she sings away to the children. Her voice...seriously....CHILLS!!!! 

Eventually I made Tuesday Meet Ups a part of my weekly routine, and being that it is a short walk from our home, I couldn't miss out. Q quickly became very attracted to the space and Jess herself, at which point I enrolled Q in one of the many workshops Chorus and Clouds offers.  We opted for Infant Toddler Art Club, which allows for parents, children and teacher to work together in a very creative environment.  Each week Jess has a new project for the children to try and explore.  Projects range from painting, weaving, art with fruit, and sun printing (one of our favorites).  All of the materials used are non-toxic and thoughtfully sourced.  The art portion of the class is followed by exploration play and music by Jess, with lots of dancing and shaking.

Chorus and Clouds has brought so much creativity into our lives and we've formed so many long lasting friendships with a great group people!  For more details on Chorus and Clouds and their classes, check out www.chorusandclouds.ca.  Make sure you sign up for the Fall Semester, registration opens at 7AM on August 1st and classes fill up quickly.