The wait for spring seems to have been a daunting one.  But this past week has proven that Spring has officially sprung and damn does it feel good to see that sun.  I always love the transition from fall/winter to spring/summer, but who doesn't right?  More warmth, more outdoor time and the cute AF clothing that comes with it.  I started taking out some of that spring/summer wear this past weekend, as well as got some peeks to some super cute SS18 lines coming out.  So Mama's....time to get your online shopping carts filled, I'm sharing some of our favorite Spring fashion below. 




1. Haven Kids Clothing

Haven Kids clothing is one of my new favorite local shops and their spring line is so darn adorable.  The neutral and minimal color scheme is just up my ally.  My favorite spring item that I can't wait to get Q into are the overalls.  The drop crotch style can be perfectly paired with a long or short sleeve tee for the cooler spring days, and will be an awesome transition to those hot summer days where he won't need to wear any shirt underneath.  They have a 3 button holes allowing for just the right fit when adjusting.  This is sure to be on repeat for us.

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Jax & Lennon

Jax & Lennon's Desert Collection had me in all kinds of a craze, so I'm super pumped now that the SS18 Palm Oasis line has dropped.  We're talking light neutrals, florals and little something for the Mama's. 

For our transition we've gotten Q already jumping around in his Black Pocket Romper and pair it with a soft hoodie or bomber over it till the tempretures gets a little warmer.  My favorite thing about Jax & Lennon is their minimalist vibe.  It's simple, yet always has people asking where I got "so and so item from."  The wooden buttons on the romper and their tee's make for such a 



The holiday season is upon us and I couldn't be more excited.  For me, this time about family and oooing and ahhhing over all the beautiful Christmas sparkle and decor.

When it comes to gift giving, my family hasn't always observed this traditoin, though over the last few years, we've incorporated it into our morning.  We typically set limits and its a fun activity and way to show appreciation for each other as we don't do gifts any other time of the year.

Some find it tough to buy gifts for babies, toddlers and even mama's not knowing where to start. So I'm rounding up my favorite items from some of my favorite local shops.  I love supporting local shops and seeing the passion and love that goes into the products/services they have to offer, and the best part, you can beat the mall rushes and shop online!!!

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