I’ve received a few questions over the last 3 years and more so recently since I got pregnant with Ari on my favorite products for babies.  Since I’m on mat leave now, I wanted to take some time to create a list of some of my go-to and favorite items I’ve come across. Some are new products I’m trying out with Ari for the first time, and some are our tried, tested and true favorites from when Q was born.

I like to note that I only share what we truly love and use in our home, both on my blog and on my Instagram.  I’m always open to answering questions or getting other recommendations or feedback as well, so feel free to connect with me about anything you see below.

My Favorite Baby Items

  1. Bath Wash- K’Pure Sleepy Time

  2. Diaper Rash Cream- -K’Pure Overachiever or Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm

  3. Body Lotion/Oil - K’Pure Sweet Babe Oil

  4. Swaddle Blankets- LouLou Lollipop and Modern Burlap

  5. Carrier (Wrap) - Beluga Baby

  6. Lounger- Snuggle Me Organic

  7. Teether- Otherware

  8. Nursing Pillow - The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow

  9. Onesies- Tiny Button Apparel, Kyte Baby, L’oved Baby and Bambie & Birdie

  10. Bottles- Dr. Brown’s (Glass Bottles) and Como Tomo

  11. Diaper Bag- Skip Hop Forma Backpack

  12. Sleep Sacks- ErgoPouch and SwaddleMe

  13. Pacifiers- Bibs and Ryan & Rose

  14. Pacifier Clip- Otherware