The time is quickly approaching. I can’t believe it, but we’ve hit our half way mark and I’m currently 21 weeks with baby boo 2. Not knowing the gender, it’s been a little hard to prepare, however I’ve started to get things together as best as I can and get my ducks in a row. One of the biggest reasons I’ve started preparing earlier than the first time is because this time around things are a lot busier. I mean having a toddler and preparing for a newborn is just crazy, so hence the jump start. One thing that I’ve found is that we have most of the items from Qaayam, so that’s definitely been a plus. I also learned from the first time around there were things I read I would need, but never ended up using, so we’ll definitely be taking more of a minimalist approach this time.

The first step was moving, which we luckily got done early this time compared to last time when we moved, I was 8.5 months pregnant. We’ve gotten Q’s new room all set up and I’ll be working on the nursery soon and will share my progress as I go through that process. In terms of new items for the nursery, we aren’t getting anything new, except for a rocking chair, which we never had for Q. Crib, dresser, changing table etc. will all be hand me downs and stuff we used with Q. Depending on if it’s a girl or a boy, we may have to switch the decor style slightly.

Below I’ve listed some of the new items I’ll be trying out for the first time with Baby Boo 2.


One of the things I wanted to invest in off the bat and did splurge a bit on was a Snuggle Me Organic. If you haven’t heard of this or seen it before and are expecting a new little babe, I would highly recommend checking it out to see if it’s something that could work for you. I remember when Q was just born he loved to be snuggled up all day, so I’d get as many swaddles and roll and bunch them up around his bouncy chair or have him wrapped up in my arms. With the Snuggle me Organic it’s a lounger that is designed to hug your baby and works to contour their head and torso. If I could have one in my size I’d snag one up.

Snuggle Me.jpg


I still have quite a few swaddles left over from when Q was little but one of the new brands I’m so excited to try is from LouLou Lollipop. A local Vancouver company with the most beautiful swaddles for your little ones. Every time I feel their blankets and swaddles it’s like heaven. They are made from the softest cotton bamboo rayon and have the most stunning and trendiest prints. One of my other favorite brands for swaddles Modern Burlap.



Is there anything cuter than a newborn in a one piece? Nope! With Q I was so at a loss of the amount of quality brands out there in the beginning that I ended up resorting to some big box stores in his early days. This time around, I’ve connected with some amazing shops and mama’s who’ve provided some insight on soft, comfy and sustainable onesies and sleepers. We have yet to know the gender of the baby as I mentioned, so I’ve been sticking with neutrals. I came across Dwell and Slumber a few months back and when I saw their baby gowns, I immediately adored the simplicity of their baby gowns. Let me tell you there is more to these gowns then the patterns and variety. These baby gowns are so buttery soft and snuggly, I had to make sure I tried out their Caftan Dresses for women. Having a March baby I know I won’t need something too warm, but going for comfort was my main goal. This baby gown is sure to keep baby super comfy and they’re also stretchy and have an open bottom feature which will make for easy diaper changes.

Some other brands for onesies I’ll be trying are, L’oved Baby and Kyte Baby. Both can be purchased online or at local shops in Vancouver such as Hip Baby and West Coast Kids.


There are a few items I’m still waiting on purchasing and would love your input and recommendations on. So for all you mama’s out there, what would you recommend for the below items and also, anything else you may think is must have?!?

  • Front/Rear Carries

  • Baby Glass Bottles (we use LifeFactory last time and they did us alright, but did cause some gas issues for Q).

  • To Dock a Tot or Not?