Like most people, I've always had insecurities about myself.  Whether it be that I wore glasses and looked "dorky" or that my skin was too dark, it lead me to caring way too much what other people thought of me.

To say it changed the day I became a mom would be easy; it didn't happen overnight, but it definitely was the stepping stone to changing that mentality.  I tell my son everyday to be kind, gentle and unapologetically himself.  Those are the words I've chosen to raise him by and words that I now tell myself everyday when I look in the mirror.  Rid the negativity and self doubt and flourish in the positivity and self growth.

Can I owe this shift in my self awareness to motherhood? Yes!  It truly is the hardest job and the emotions and vulnerability you feel is like nothing I've ever experienced.  There are days that are massive wins and days where I've felt like a total f*ck up!  But, I can say I've never felt more comfortable, happy and real in my own skin than I do now.  Everyone has their own journey to self awareness and self love.  Do you have to become a mom or parent to get there? Heck no!  But that was my journey and I'm proud to own that! 

I've been inspired to write this due to an important campgain called Free To Be Talks in support of promoting self-esteem, positive body image and self love.  I remember what it was like growing up with so much self doubt and wondering what others thought.  I want better for my son and for our future generation.  

It does feel like a risk when we put ourselves out there for people to see.  BUT it also shouldn't be.  We are who we are, and that is a beautiful thing! 


1. Donate $10 to the crowdfund campaign for the @freetobetalks program

2. Post a #Realstagram pic with your kid or a kid that inspires you

3. Tag 3 other mamas and encourage them to donate too