The holiday season is upon us and I couldn't be more excited.  For me, this time is about family and "oooing" and "ahhhing" over all the beautiful Christmas sparkle and decor.

When it comes to gift giving, my family hasn't always observed this tradition, though over the last few years we've incorporated it into the holiday time. 

Some find it tough to buy gifts for babies, toddlers and moms, so I'm rounding up items from some of my favorite local shops.  I love supporting local shops and seeing the passion and love that goes into the products/services they have to offer, and the best part, you can beat the mall rushes and shop online!!!


1. Vonbon Socks

If you haven't already caught on Vonbon is our favourite brand for children's clothing.  I started following the company shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Q and was automatically drawn to their styles, quality and ethically manufacturing process. Anything you purchase from this shop is going to be a win, but the new socks are the warmest and softest socks I've ever felt.  They are just the perfect stocking stuffer for the little ones.  They come in 3 different colors, which are all unisex and the quality and fabric is top notch. Check out more items from their Winter '17 collection.  You're bound to find a winner.

Shop Here!  





2. Tiny Button Apparel Romper

I came across Tinybutton Apparel at a recent market in my neighbourhood and fell in love with their exclusive custom print designed romper.  Made from a Bamboo french terry blend, this piece is not only super cute, but extra soft and comfy for the littles.  It's the perfect piece for travelling toddlers and babies or just a cozy Christmas morning.  

Shop here! Original Mud Cloth Romper  






3. Toques from Sea to Sky Designs

We are a sucker for toques and hats so when I came across custom, hand-knit pieces from Sea to Sky Design's I couldn't resist picking up one for Q.  The color schemes and cozy knit look are just perfect for those holiday photos.  Michelle creates the cutest headwear for not just your little one's but for the moms and dads too.  Sea to Sky Design are locally made in Surrey, BC and you can shop her items at Sea to Sky Designs.  






4. Petunia and Buster Harems

Another local favourite of ours is Petunia & Buster.  They recently just launched their Holiday harems and they are EVERYTHING!  From antlers, to Christmas trees, to gingerbread men, these pants are the perfect gift for any kiddo from newborn to toddler.  One of my favourites that are back this year are the Red Buffalo Mad for Plaid.  Q has a pair of these from last year and they are perfect for not just the holidays, but throughout the fall and winter season as a whole.  

Check out the Holiday Collection here







5. Chorus and Clouds Classes

Hands up if you're all about the experiences?  A gift of experience and learning can be so special. Chorus and Clouds offers classes for your littles, starting from 6 months all the way up to 5 years old.  The classes go through the magic of learning through art, creativity and music.  With a number class options and times of the day and week, this is the perfect gift for learning.  Visit Chorus and Clouds and contact Jess to inquire about class prices and gift cards.  

 Visit Chorus & Clouds.





6. Its Blume Latte Mix

As a toddler mama, coffee is my JAM!  Even before kids, I've always been a 2-3 cup kinda gal, which we all know isn't the best health wise.  Enter in BLUME!  It's a healthy and caffeine free alternative to coffee, which I've substituted in for my afternoon pick me up. It's a powder which you can mix into your warm milk or blend up in your blender for a more latte feel. These mixes give you just the right amount of energy to carry on with your day.  There are three mixes available, Beetroot, Tumeric and Chili Tumeric.  My personal favorite is the Beetroot mix.  It's high in immune boosting vitamin C, fiber, and essential minerals like potassium and manganese and tastes declisous.  You can also add these mixes to your soups, smoothies and baked goods!  This gift is definitely one for the Mamas!

Shop Latte mixes here.


7. K'Pure Naturals Products

For the kiddos and the mamas.  K'pure Naturals has become a must have in our home.  From body butters, to essential oils, to absolutely life changing deodorant, these products are the perfection.  Karen uses all natural ingredients and everything smells and feels pure and clean.  The products I would highly recommend, which are on repeat in our home are, Sleepy Time Foaming Bath and Face Wash, Get Closer All Natural Deodarant (I will never buy store bough deodorant again) and the Keep Going essential oil spray.  If you're at a loss of what to get, K'pure Naturals also sells gift sets which include a variety of their products in one box, such as the "Yes Please" Gift Box.  They currently also have a holiday gift set available as well,  Christmas Thank You.  Another definite winner for any holiday gift for a special mama or baby in your life. 

Shop K'Pure Naturals.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 9.48.31 AM.png

8. The Soup Solution Gift Card

As a working mom getting dinner prepared on a regular basis can be challenging.  No matter how much we try to meal plan, thing's don't always pan out.  The Soup Solution has saved us from those "what's for dinner?" moments on a number of occasions.  This Vancouver based company is a product of the sweet and awesome Gayle MacLeod.  The Soup Solution delivers wholesome and delicious soups and sauces to homes within the Lower Mainland. All the products are locally handmade with natural ingredients, conveniently frozen in family-sized containers and delivered right to your door!  Our personal family favorite is the Alfredo Parmesan Cream Sauce and the Texas Beef Chili.  What I love most about The Soup Solution is not only do you get nutritionally packed soups and sauces, Gayle's site comes with an endless list of recipes on how you can use them!  So give a mama in your life the gift of wholesome food to put on the tables for the family.  Visit The Soup Solutions website to purchase gift cards, or pick and choose yourself and ship them to her!


9. Melanie Auld

What women doesn't love jewelry!  This one has a big flag waving at the husbands out there!  Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your baby mama, Melanie Auld is where you wanna go!  This company designs the most amazing, beautiful and unique pieces that is for everyday wear.  I recently came across this shop at a local pop up being held at the The Little Mountain Shop and one glance at the display of their pieces and I was in love.  The stones used in their pieces are sourced from all over the world and are designed locally in their Vancouver Studio.  I own two pieces (so far) and currently live in my "Babe" necklace.  Any piece (ring, necklace, bracelet) will be a big WINNER for any mama!  

Shop Melanie Auld.

(None of these brands are in any way sponsored  and I truly am sharing my opinion of brands we have grown to love). 

Happy Shopping Everyone! :)