The day is here and I can't believe you are TWO.  It sounds sad and exciting at the same time.  On the one hand, I can't handle how fast time is going and on the other I can't wait to see the exciting things and adventures you take on.  

I feel like every step of being your mom has been a learning experience and comes with it's challenges and joys.  These past 12 months have had moments of pure chaos and moments of pure bliss!  I have a new favorite moment everyday because with each day your personality is starting to shine through more and more.  

Today I sit back and look at you and realize you are your own unique little person.   Each day is a baby step into a direction of not needing me as much as you use to, which is both scary and joyous.  You are growing, how can that not be something to be happy about?  You make requests for what you'd like to eat and have started getting an opinion on what your OOTD is gonna be.  You've grown to become more independent and strong willed, which leaves me marvelling at just how incredible of a person you are and are going to be. 

As you continue to grow and develop, so will the love I have for you. As your likes and dislikes become more apparent and as you face successes, challenges, and disappointments in life, my heart will expand to new places and I will be with you every step along the way.

So my message to you on your second birthday is simply this:

You are what dreams are made of!  Your sweet demeanour, mixed with your boundless energy and adventurous spirit; they all come together to make you a remarkable little human!

Remember to do what makes your heart content and give back to the world and those in need. Be humble and kind, stand up for yourself and for others when you feel it's right to.  Work hard and save for your future (something I wish I did better).  Own your decisions and always stay positive!  

As we journey into this next year, which I will call the Tremendous Twos, I'm filled with excitement to watch you become more uniquely you! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Q!

Photo credit Crystal Marie Sing (@crystalmariesingphotography)

Photo credit Crystal Marie Sing (@crystalmariesingphotography)